King of Comedy (1983) – Vindana Ariyawansa

I can’t fathom any reason that kept me from watching  this Scorcese/De Niro masterpiece for this long.

Fresh after “Raging Bull” Scorcese tagged Bobby De Niro to bring this timeless comedy extravaganza. Initially Scorcese wanted to make his beloved project ” Last Temptation of Christ” starring De Niro as Jesus. De Niro declined and instead they came up with this Dramedy co-starring ever popular Jerry Lewis. Who was better to play a talk show host in Silverscreen than Lewis himself?

Johny Carson, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin were also considered for the above role which eventually went to Jerry Lewis. After the menacing portrayal of Jake La Motta, De Niro transformed himself to this wanna be stand up comedian. He makes an annoying stalking personality almost adorable and admirable.

With a fitting end to the fantasy/reality filled storyline De Niro wins the hearts by justifying  his declaration: ” its good to be king for a day than be a schmuck for life”.


2009 Oscar Nominations – Vindana Ariyawansa

On the eve of the nominations, this is my personal favorite list of probable Acedamy Award nominees.

Best Picture

Slumdog Millionaire
Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Revolutionary Road
Gran Tarino

Best Director

Danny Boyle for “Slumdog Millionaire”
Ron Howard for “Frost/Nixon”
David Fincher for “Curious Case of Benjamin Button”
Sam Mendes for ” Revolutionary Road”
Steven Daldry for ” The Reader”

Best Actor     

Mickey Rourke for ” The Wrestler”
Sean Penn for ” Milk”
Frank Langella for ” Frost/Nixon”
Leonardo Di Caprio for – ” Revolutionary Road”
Brad Pitt for ” Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

Best Actress 

Meryl Streep for ” The Doubt”
Kate Winslett for ” Revolutionary Road”
Anne Hatheway for “Rachel Getting Married”
Anjelina Jolie for “Changeling”
Kristin Scott Thomas for “Il y a longtemps que je t’aime”